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Happy Tuesday everyone. I just got back from Hawaii and I must say it was one of the most beautiful travel destinations that I have visited so far. I am rocking a blue kaftan dress at the place which you can see in the photos. Vacations like these not only help you explore the beautiful world that we are living in but also gives you a break from all the routine stress for some time. Hawaii was truly magical and words would never suffice how beautiful I found it. I recommend each one of you to visit it once in your lifetime. Needless to say, it was a beautiful time and I am so glad you all loved the snaps from Maui and Kauai. I will be sharing my experiences and tips on the blog so let’s start with Kauai. The Island is small and beautiful but before we dive into Island let me share the beautiful dress that I am wearing. The royal blue kaftan dress is by Teri Jon Dresses. Flattering on any body type, this free-flowing tunic-inspired gown is perfect for the beach or non-beach wedding. Accentuated with sparkles, the main central detail of the dress is a gorgeous belt.  The gorgeous royal blue chiffon is layered with flowered motifs. This Blue Kaftan Dress (Buy Here) is a must-have if you have any formal events coming up. Needless to say, I absolutely loved wearing this dress and also the photoshoot. Not only the dress was as beautiful as it can get, the photoshoot site added more to the magic.


Blue Kaftan By Teri Jon

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Blue Kaftan Dress – Teri Jon (25% off with code ZuneraSerena)

Now back to our stay in Kauai. We stayed at Kauai Marriot Resort and had a wonderful time. The resort is literally two minutes from the airport which was a big plus. So once you reach the airport, you do not really have to go through the hassle of looking for a resort and traveling long distances to reach it. Not only the resort is near to the airport which helps you in the quick and easy conveyance, it is in the town of Lihue which is literally in the middle of the Island. So you can go to North one day and south the next and explore the beautiful island freely.

Zunera in Blue Kaftan by Teri Jon

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Blue Kaftan Dress – Teri Jon (25% off with code ZuneraSerena)

Kauai Marriot Resort has a massive pool and tons of amenities. It is beachfront and although half of the ocean view gets covered with beautiful mountains it also helps break the massive waves so its one of the beaches where I felt comfortable swimming in the ocean. The resort is massive and picture perfect and we loved their buffet breakfast at Kukui’s Restaurant. The price was also quite reasonable. So its something which comes not only with a great deal of comfort and great services but to top it off, the prices are as reasonable as they can get.

Somethings to be aware of if you pick this hotel:

Kid Friendly (Kiddie pool with slide)

Amazing pool (4 hotubs)

Close to Airport

There is a $30 service fee which included parking and Internet which is quite reasonable for that area.

The only one thing Is if you love local areas and local food then you have to drive north for 15 minutes to find some amazing local shops and restaurants but well I can assure you that the drive is totally worth it. If you are vegetarian or not you have to try Caffe Coco. I don’t think I have had more flavorful food in life. It is a small local restaurant with beautiful decor, amazing food, and great people.

Teri Jon Blue Kaftan

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Blue Kaftan Dress – Teri Jon (25% off with code ZuneraSerena)

Places To Visit In Kauai:

I have my picks for north and south. if you prefer to stay on North or South tip of the Island then one tip is to go North in Summer; South in Winter. Winter is cool, windy and rainy over the northern portions of Kauai. Also be mindful that even though North is lusher it is also very rainy for most of the year and I personally believe that you can never truly enjoy a trip if its raining and chilling outside. So for me, the best weather to enjoy any of my trip is always a bright sunny day.

Teri Jon Blue Maxi

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South Places to See

1. Waimea Canyon and Koke’e State Park

Its a must see. You can hike through the Canyon and state park for $1 per person. It costs $5 to take the driving tour. Visit the Waimea Canyon website and Koke’e State Park website for information on the canyon hikes and lookouts.If you are planning to do a shoot in a  kaftan dress like the one i am wearing,i can assure you this would be a perfect site for that.

2. Maha’ulepu

Perfect for the little ones or if you just prefer calm waters and secluded beaches. Maha’ulepu is a secluded beach tucked away on the eastern side of the Poipu area. You will head down a dirt road to the beach area. Be aware that a gate closes at 6:00pm daily.

3. Poipu Beach

This has been on the Top 10 Beach list for number of years. Kauai’s Poipu Beach is famous for its snorkeling, surf, and protected kids pond.

4. Spouting Horn

Just near the Kukuiula Small boat harbor you will spot Spouting Horn. There are also a couple of shops in the area that offer great prices on souvenirs and jewelry!

5. Kauai Plantation Railway

I thought this will be just fun for Serena but we did enjoy the train ride too. You can choose a package where you can have a picnic in an orchid;  pick up your own fruits and veggies and are enthusiastically greeted by herds of wild pigs, sheep, goats and the occasional horse or donkey at a farm.

Zunera in Blue Kaftan

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North – Places to see

My fav side

1. Hanalei Valley Lookout & the beach

One of the most breathtaking lookouts I have ever seen. Keep your camera ready and enjoy the view before visiting Hanalei beach which is rated one of the best beaches of the world.

2. Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens

Beautiful grounds with scenic view and options for Ziplining and  horseback riding on Princeville Ranch. Personally,i am not really a fan of zip lining but a lot of people seemed to be enjoying doing it. So if you are one of those types of people,you will really love it.

3. Na Pali Coast

Do a helicopter ride or a sunset boat tour. It is the best way to see the Na Pali coast unless you are an experienced hiker. A helicopter ride will give you a perfect view of the whole location and its totally worth it and absolutely magical.

4. Dolphin watching at North Kauai’s shores

Around Hawaii, there are four varieties of dolphins frequenting the waters. However, the two most popular species of dolphins located in Hawaiian waters are the bottlenose dolphins and the spinner dolphins. Until now, it is not known why the dolphins spin, but just watching the dolphins spin is really a great treat especially for your kids. Dolphins are not only cute but they are very friendly as well. I have seen most tourist really enjoying this particular activity of watching the dolphins at the north Kauai’s. So I highly recommend you go watch those dolphins spin when you visit the place.

5. Anini Beach – Protected by a Fringe Reef

Because the reef at Anini Beach is the biggest in Kauai, snorkeling can be a good experience but in recent years the big draw to Anini has been its wind-based sports like windsurfing and kiteboarding

Zunera in Blue Kaftan Dress

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Blue Kaftan Dress – Teri Jon (25% off with code ZuneraSerena)

Stylish Blue Kaftan Dress

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As always thank you for stopping by!

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