A Weekend At The Beach

August 26, 2013
weekend beach

Happy Monday everyone. I know I have been gone for a while, I think this was the longest brake in between the posts. Lately I have been traveling because of work and then Serena had a bad phase of asthma. So after a hectic few weeks we decided to head to the beach for a mini break. I took lots and lots of clothes so I can work on some posts in a beautiful location but then ended up doing none of that and just spent time with Sharjeel & Serena.

It seems like we all are so occupied in our own busy lives and everything is on a set schedule, most of the time my life is no different. I have a full time job, full-time mommy duties and this blog and some days we forget why we are doing all this. We just become a machine doing task1, task2 and onto task3 and on and on. From time to time I ask my self why am I doing all this and the answer is always to be happy. The end goal can be differ from person to person, for you it could be for paying bills, making money or securing your child’s future. But ultimately these aspects translate into some form of happiness. So lately I have been trying to make a change in my life and this blog is part of that change. I have committed myself to spending most of my time doing things that bring true joy to me & my family. On this mini vacation I knew that if I spend too much time focusing on blog posts then it will take away the time I can spend making sandcastles with Serena.

I am sharing our personal family photos with you from this trip since we really did not do a photo-shoot and why am I doing this? Because sharing my life with all of you brings pure joy to me and my family.

Our Weekend At The Beach-001 Our Weekend At The Beach Our Weekend At The Beach-007 Our Weekend At The Beach-002 Our Weekend At The Beach-005 Our Weekend At The Beach-004 Our Weekend At The Beach-010 Our Weekend At The Beach-009 Our Weekend At The Beach-008 Our Weekend At The Beach-011

Swim coverup was actually a dress that I picked up from the sale rack of Marshalls.

Green Bag: Michael Kors

Serena Swim Suit: Target


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