All Greyed Out!

October 6, 2015
grey sweater pants


Hello there! Don’t you guys adore how the season is transitioning? I absolutely love fall because the weather is warm and you can style so many outfits. Today, I’m all greyed out! The Rona turtleneck has a lovely back detail. The cashmere sweater fits the body like a glove and it gives you the feel of those warm autumn days.  The turtleneck comes in both regular and petite size. If you’re looking for something classy with a touch of chic then, this is a must have item in your wardrobe. All Greyed Out

Rona turtleneck

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All Greyed Out-001The shoes are available at Nordstrom and for all the online buyers they have free shipping. I’m wearing the grey Nubuck leather but it is available in two more colors. You can order one in the shade of black nubuck leather and crimson red nubuck leather.All Greyed Out-002 All Greyed Out-003 All Greyed Out-004The slim-fit treggings are by H&M. You can style the turtle neck with jeans as well but I preferred having the treggings because honestly, find them more comfortable. All Greyed Out-005 All Greyed Out-008 All Greyed Out-007I have an undying love for Gucci. The soho leather chain shoulder bag has been included in so many fall outfit posts. It is available in black and red, so whatever suits your style, treat yourself to some gucci love! That is it for today, hope to see you ladies soon with another new outfit.All Greyed Out-009

Sweater – Anthropologie

Treggings – H&M ($17.99)

Heels – Nordstrom Rack (Similar here)

Necklace – Forever 21 (Similar here)

Bag – Gucci (Similar here)



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