Autumn Belle – High Neck Baroque Dress

November 6, 2015
Fall Dress

Hi everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. Autumn is in full swing and it is just so incredibly beautiful & picturesque, that all I want to do is look at the leaves and trees all day. Often we don’t take the time to smell the roses or actually we don’t even take time to peek out of our car window because our mind keeps on wandering off to school stuff, grocery, work or the show we watched on TV last night. But in the big scheme of things what do all those thoughts do for you? Probably nothing other than cause more stress or panic. On the other hand a peek outside your car window at a beautiful tree can give you a sense of calm & beauty. Although sometimes the word ‘live in the moment’ sounds and becomes cliché, I think it is important to have at least one moment like that in a day.

Wish you all a joyous, peaceful, calming weekend!

High Neck Baroque Dress

Baroque Dress - ASOS

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High Neck Baroque Dress-003 High Neck Baroque Dress-002 High Neck Baroque Dress-006 High Neck Baroque Dress-001 High Neck Baroque Dress-004 High Neck Baroque Dress-005 High Neck Baroque Dress-007Baroque Dress – ASOS

Heels – Jimmy Choo (similar for under $100 Nordstrom)

Bag – Similar by KateSpade or Glint for $58

Shades – Freyrs


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