Best places to shop in Dubai

December 30, 2016

Hello Everyone! I want to first address all my followers who keep asking me about my Dubai trip this early November. So here is to you guys, in the next couple of days I will be posting about things I did there & talk about what I most enjoyed. Starting today with the best places to shop in Dubai.

Dubai if you were to ask me is synonymous with shopping, it’s like any shopaholic’s dream. You find all the international brands under one roof & you can waltz around the ginormous malls while cruising through your favorite brands’ outlets.

If any of you are familiar with the shopping scene in Dubai, most will go with Dubai Mall being the go-to option but to me it was way too touristy for my taste, it was Mall of Emirates that had me interested for numerous reasons.

Yeah, i get it, Dubai Mall kind of takes the lead on Mall of Emirates because it has a god damn Aquarium. But Mall of Emirates has a freakin Ski resort! So that kinda sorta evens it out. I mean come on, a skiing in the middle of a desert that’s kinda bad ass as it gets.

The prices at these malls are similar to what you will find in a mall here at US. Trust me, i had my currency converter app & i kept converting AED to USD. So if you’re in a mood for a little deserty adventure, see the multicultural hoopla where a Chinese restaurant is run by Phillipino & Kenyan servers with Pakistani, Arab & Indians working in the kitchen making your Hot & Sour soup.. Dubai is the place to be! You walk down the street & you will run into an array of ethnicities & cultures. You see women dressed in crop tops, to shorts to donning hijabs & full on Abayas. It’s truly a multicultural hub & that reflects in their malls.

Also do check out

Gold Souk Markets if buying gold is your thing. There are shops after shops with beautiful gold jewelry

Dubai Shopping festival if you like to find unique and designer goods all at one place and that too with crazy discounts

As always thank you for stopping by and please do share your favorite shopping spots in Dubai too!

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