Royal Soiree – Black Velvet Saree

January 8, 2016
gold saree

Happy Friday everyone. The mood on the blog today is sophisticated, sensual and feminine. What better way to showcase that style than wearing a black velvet saree. Designed with exquisite gold embroidery and stone work. The craftsmanship of this ethereal  saree is remarkable. The combination of net and velvet makes it a perfect combination of heavy and light. The bottom part just flows because of the light net and the velvet hugs all the right places on the top. As a desi girl this is a must have saree for me.Black Velvet Saree Black Velvet saree Black Gold Velvet Saree-002

I wore the saree with a couple of different styles to showcase how it can be worn over and over again. Black Gold Velvet Saree-003 Black Gold Velvet Saree-004

You can turn it into a lehenga (skirt) style saree.Black Gold Velvet Saree-005

Or keep it sophisticated by wearing it in the classic saree style
Black Gold Velvet Saree-006 Black Gold Velvet Saree-007

It can be transformed into a glamorous look with a short blouse and by bringing the Pallu to the front. Black Velvet Saree Black Velvet Saree Designer’s Bio: Chiffon & Pearls is a labor of love from a team who is very much fascinated with Jewels and Sarees. Their goal has always been to carry high quality hand-crafted products but at an extremely affordable price. After success through word-of-mouth and various pop-up shows they decided to launch an online store to give an easier access to those who want to buy their products. After starting out with high-quality jewelry, they have now also added a collection of sophisticated Sarees as well.Black Gold Velvet Saree-010

Black Velvet Saree by Lace & Pearls

Here are a few thoughts from the their team:

The Saree Closet: Just recently, our business has expanded into Sarees. After being absolutely fascinated with seeing our favorite celebrities wear the most beautiful Sarees on the red carpet, we just wished we didn’t have to pay so much to afford one. That’s when the idea came to create a few pieces that were inspired by our favorite designers and celebrities but with our own take on the fabric, embroidery, and style. Our pieces are practical to wear and are an elegant addition to anyone’s closet.
The Jewel Box story: Our business started primarily with designing and selling jewelry in 2015. Heavily inspired by the Victorian style with a touch of Indian-ness, almost all our jewels feature one common fascination of ours: pearls. They are so sophisticated and add such a touch of elegance to each piece. Our jewelry is hand-crafted with high quality metals and then finished off with high value gold plating. Even after years, they will not change in quality and what you’ll get is a well crafted piece in your Jewel Box. All our jewelry is made with the intention to pair with anything from Sarees to Shalwar Kamiz to regular Tops and even formal Gowns.

Ways to connect with them:

Instagram: chiffonandpearlsonlineboutique


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