NYFW Craziness – NYLA Flared Skirt & Bomber Jacket

September 9, 2014
NYLA Flared Skirt Bomber Jacket

Three crazy things that I did during NYFW.

1. I almost missed the first show. I had left plenty of time for getting ready but Amtrak ran super late so by the time I got to New York I barely had anytime for getting ready. I was staying at a friend’s place on day one so I rushed to her house and got ready in less then 15 minutes! I was a bit relieved to realize that she lives very close to Lincoln Center but there were just 10 minutes left, so without giving it a second thought I started walking towards the venue in my 5 inch heels! Some how I made it on time and the shows were awesome.
NYLA Flared Skirt & Bomber Jacket-001 NYLA Flared Skirt & Bomber Jacket
2.  I had a Stylelist presentation and party to attend at night so I thought I’ll just walk back to her house and change. After just taking a few steps I realized that my feet were killing me. So the confident, crazy person that I am; I decided to take my shoes off and walk barefoot on Columbus road in NYC. Needles to say I got plenty of stares walking down the road in my emerald green Jean Paul dress with no shoes on! I even got a few claps from a bunch of high school girls standing at the street corner saying ‘you go girl’.
NYLA Flared Skirt & Bomber Jacket-003 NYLA Flared Skirt & Bomber Jacket-002
 3. Decided to leave early. This one may sound crazy to a lot of people but made a lot of sense to me. I came back a day early even though I had a few shows to attend. Why? Because I was exhausted and thought I couldn’t do justice to the blog or my own body just by dragging myself from one show to another. Instead I could watch the shows from the comfort of my own home and write a decent trend report which I did. As women we should know our bodies and our strengths & weaknesses. In life and career a well balanced approach will take you a lot farther then the ‘I have to prove something’ type attitude. Understand that sometimes it’s hard but do what’s right for your mind, body and soul. Thank you for reading. NYLA Flared Skirt & Bomber Jacket-004

NYLA Flared Skirt & Bomber Jacket-005NYLA Flared Skirt – Nordstrom

Bomber JacketASOS (on sale $26.66)

Bag – Vintage Ferragamo (Similar here & here)

Heels – Love these & these

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