Vintage Dreams – Labels Brand Ambassador

February 15, 2014
Yellow Tunic Dress with Ethnic Jewels

Hello Everyone  – I hope you all are having a beautiful weekend. For the past few weeks a lot of childhood memories have been keeping me up at night. When I was a little girl all I wanted to do was play with dolls and their tiny clothes, as I grew older that hobby changed into making & designing custom outfits for myself and other family members. I loved browsing through the catalogs, looking at the beautiful models and the intricate designs & bold colors. Growing-up all I wanted to do was be in fashion industry. I would flip-flop between wanting to be a model and at other times wanting to be a designer, one day I decided to become both. However due to some unforeseen  circumstances I was not able to pursue my dreams and eventually moved with my family to US where I studied business & Economics and started working in banking. My dream got lost somewhere in the back of my head but I continued to play with fabrics and style my outfits. Years passed, I met the love of my life, got married and had a beautiful daughter Serena. She again sparked my love for fashion and even before she was born I started pairing her tiny outfits with matching socks & hats, I loved finding unique outfits for her and of-course after her birth I had a new partner in fashion.

Never in a million years had I thought that the dream lurking in the back of my head will one day become a reality. This morning as I was having breakfast with Sharjeel and Serena, I checked my phone and Express Tribune broke the news that I will be the brand ambassador for Labels.  It was a instant rush of emotions with tears rolling down my eyes and as I read the article it just swell my heart even more. Although all this has been in works for a while it suddenly became real.

Labels is a household name in Pakistan. It has retail and online stores which connects Pakistan’s top fashion designers to the rest of the world. I have always been a big fan of the brand so being there brand ambassador was a natural choice. According to its CEO Mr. Zahir Rahimtoola the brand represents ’women who wants it all; home, family and a successful career’. It is a fashion house which appeals to a lot of working class modern day women, who treasure balancing their work and personal life. As a brand ambassador I will be working  closely with the Labels design and marketing team to create new avenues of expression. We have so many exciting projects and tiny surprises coming up.

I look forward to sharing all the great things we have planned in upcoming days and months.

Yellow Tunic Dress with Ethnic JewelsThe snow storm did not stop me from playing with spring colors. This yellow was the perfect color to add some warmth to a very cold day.

Zunera Labels International Brand AmbassadorI am lucky to have so many talented folks in my family. The nails once again were done by my fabulous sister Aminah.

Labels International Brand AmbassadorI bought these kundan jewels during my last trip to Pakistan, they are such classic pieces and add so much flavor to the look. You will be seeing them in my more posts.

Yellow Tunic Dress Open back Dress Yellow Tunic Dress with Ethnic Jewels-005 Chanel Bag & Jimmy Choo PumpsI have to share something funny about these pictures; when we were looking for places to shoot there was almost 8-10 inches of snow outside, so after failing to find a suitable place where I could stand on dry ground to take the pictures we opted for a grassy area where I decided to go in barefoot and was covered at least in 3-4 inches of snow. Sharjeel was also in the same situation and while we were having fun, we also were worried that we will die from hypothermia!  Needless to say we both are doing good and happy to share these beautiful moments with you. Once again thank you for reading.

Yellow Tunic Dress – Alice + Olivia

Heels – Jimmy Choo Similar here & here

Jewels – Ethnic Pakistani  (Similar by Sherezad )

Bag – Chanel

You can read the full article at ( The Express Tribune / International New York Times )

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