Dancing Christmas – Applique Cap Sleeve Dress

December 25, 2014
Applique Cap Sleeve Dress

Merry Christmas Everyone! Wishing you a joyous day with loved ones. I moved to the US almost fifteen years ago and in my first holiday season I absolutely fell in love with christmas and specially christmas music. Right after thanksgiving I would just have christmas songs in my car (needless to say Sharjeel gets annoyed) but Serena & I always have a blast. We have been going to christmas parties all week and even hosted a few, now it is time to sit back and relax with Serena, Sharjeel & close family.Applique Cap Sleeve Dress Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-001 Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-002 Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-003 Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-004 Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-005 Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-006 As I had mentioned before that the blog will be taking a bit of a different turn from poses to posts and so if you see some funny dancing poses that is because I have always loved to dance. Ever since I was a little girl any chance I got to dance ‘I did’! Whether it was school, college or someone’s wedding. To this day I dance at home all the time. Am I really good at it? I don’t think so but for me it is like meditation or a stress reliever, I just get lost in it. It is also my favorite activity to do with Serena.

Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-007 Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-008 Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-009As I had previously mentioned that I will be trying out different online stores and giving my feedback, so today I am wearing a Cap Sleeve Dress from Sheinside. I have to say the quality is fabulous for a $21 dress. I shop a lot at ASOS and at least for the two items that I have tried at Sheinside the quality is the same as ASOS but the price difference is pretty big. For now I am really happy with my purchases. If you try them please do let me know what you think.

Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-010 Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-011 Applique Cap Sleeve Dress-012[Cap Sleeve Dress – Sheinside][Heels – Similar here] [Bag – Chanel] [Jewelry – Rocksbox]

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