Embroidered Denim Shorts & Pom Pom Sandals

August 12, 2016
embroidered denim shorts

Embroidered Denim Shorts – ASOS $29

Pom Pom Sandals – SOMA US

Scoop Neck Tee –  Forever21 $8

Crystal Slider Bracelet – Michael Kors

Open Cuff Bracelet – Michael Kors

Scarf – Similar here $16

Sunglasses – D&G

Bag – Similar here

Happy Friday everyone. I am so ready for the weekend to get started. Serena’s cousin is coming for a sleepover tonight and later in the day we also have a fun Tea party planned with friends. Since it is Friday I opted for a very casual look.  I am wearing embroidered denim shorts and pom-pom sandals  paired with a scoop neck tee and minimal accessories.

Printed Scarf

Embroidered Denim Shorts – ASOS $29

Click Here To Activate Discount on: Embroidered Denim Shorts – ASOS $29

Can you believe that these Embroidered Denim Shorts  are only $29 at ASOS Embroidered Denim Shorts

Scoop Neck Tee is from  Forever21  for $8 and is available in many different colors. I have these in white & black too.

Zunera Embroidered Denim Shorts Embroidered Denim Shorts Embroidered Denim Shorts

The scarf was a gift during last NYFW. I have added a similar option for $16Embroidered Denim Shorts Embroidered Denim Shorts

Love these Pom Pom Sandals by Soma. I love supporting ETSY businesses and was so glad to wear this pair. It is comfortable and you can wear it with so many outfits without breaking the bank.Pom Pom SandalsI love summer & warm weather but I still have to keep some sort of layers with me. Since I start to freeze easily if I go to a restaurant, grocery store or even mall. The AC blasting on my face is just not very pleasing (lol) so needless to say I keep a handy-dandy scarf or a light cardigan with me at a ll times.

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