How to Wear a leather Jacket With a Dress

February 10, 2017
leather jacket

Missguided Leather Biker Jacket – ASOS

Dress – ASOS (The dress is 50% off & currently available in sizes (2, 4, 6)

Heels – Valentino

Bag – Similar here

Shades – Lanvin


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TGIF. Hi everyone hope you all are ready for a great weekend ahead. We had such great weather for a couple of days and now it’s back to snow and the cold air blowing everywhere. Needless to say I did this shoot when the weather was nice outside but you could always wear the same clothes with black tights or knee-high boot it will look great.


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How to Wear a leather Jacket With a Dress

A lot of times I’ve heard women say that they find it much easier to pair a leather jacket with black jeans or pants but not with the dress. When it comes to Jackets it’s all about size and length. Usually cropped jackets or more fitted jackets look better with dresses.

I love this missguided biker jacket. The embroidery on the jacket is exquisite. It’s just an amazing piece to have and it’s such a bargain price for a great quality jacket. Currently it is available in all sizes (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) the jacket has functional pockets which is not always the case

Style tip: I always go a size up for my jackets and coats so there is enough room for layering. For this jacket I am wearing a size 4.

I have always loved floral prints and  when you add black and red it’s like magic. The top of the dress is sheer so I wore a black tank top underneath the dress. I am wearing a size 2.  The dress has a sheer fabric & lined skirt. It is true to size and for dress care it is hand wash only.


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Unfortunately this Valentino color hasn’t made a come back yet but the Rockstud  Valentino’s are available in a lot of other colors too.

how-to-wear-a-leather-jacket-with-a dress

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As always thank you for stopping by and I will be back with another post on Monday. In the meantime you can always follow my journey on snapchat Instagram and my Facebook & twitter.


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I will be leaving on Monday for New York fashion week. Although last year I had decided that I will not attend anymore shows because it gets really tiring but I’m going because Revlon has a very exciting event coming up that I cannot miss. So I decided since I’m going to be there for their event I might as well attend some shows too. I usually snapchat more often than Instagram stories but will try to do both this time.

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