How to wear a shirtdress

October 28, 2014
Floral Dress Kate Spade Bag

A shirtdress to me is edgy and feminine. I love wearing shirt-dresses but it does take a little bit of effort to find the right style. I am 5’5 which means I’m right in between the petite and regular size, so I shop in both departments. For example at Ann Taylor & Loft; if I am looking for a size 4 in regular and cannot find it then I look for a size 2 in petite and usually they are the exact same fit, with maybe less than 1/2 an inch difference in length. In winter I prefer shopping in the petite section since I wear a lot of tights and a bit shorter dress to create an illusion of long/slender legs.

In the summer I prefer the regular size (specially if it is fitted) so the dress doesn’t run up too much when I sit down. For this shirt dress I opted for the petite size since I will be wearing it in the fall but today was extra warm, so I decided to skip the tights.

How to wear a shirtdressHere are the three things to look for when buying for a shirt dress:

1. Structure – It should create a straight clean look. If it is too loose around your chest and underarms it’s not a good fit.

How to wear a shirtdress-001 Chanel Bag & suede heels2. Length – Being more on the petite size I prefer a shorter length so my legs can look longer and it does make me look taller than I actually am.

How to wear a shirtdress-003 How to wear a shirtdress-0043. Add Heels – Heels create movement and give structure to the dress. Plus it creates a more polished look.

Red bootiesShirtdress – LOFT

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