Mariana Barran- Zuneras’ Inspiring Women

November 1, 2015
Mariana Barran

Well it is the time of the week where a little dose of motivation and inspiration makes it easy to get through the day! Early Monday motivation is what I love to call this. Today, on the list of women who inspire me is Mariana Barran. She is the founder and chief designer at Hibiscus Linens, a brand that infuses traditional methods, crisp design, and high quality handmade textiles. She is presently focused on spreading the reach of Hibiscus and exploring the many creative outlets.unnamed (1)

Mariana recalls, “Shortly after relocating from my hometown of Monterrey, Mexico to Houston, Texas in early 2014 I founded Hibiscus Linens after I struggled to find the types of personalized textiles for my own home and events. ” Her brand takes pride in producing the highest quality handmade textiles that blend traditional production methods with original timeless design appropriate for contemporary society. Elaborating more on her brand she said, “We produce two unique lines annually and are constantly working with creative individuals from varied backgrounds on all types of custom collaborations.”unnamed

I always like to ask women who juggle work and family life, on how they spend their leisure hours and to which she replied, “In my “down time” (which is an ever increasing rarity) I enjoy baking, spending time with my three dogs, and completing the restoration of my circa 1913 home I purchased last year.”

Talking about life changing events, Mariana replied,”I come from a long line of classically trained ballerinas but I never caught the dancing “bug” until I discovered my predilection for choreography.  I’ll never forget the moment when I realized the thrill of taking an idea from its most rudimentary form, collaborating with others, and executing my vision.  That discovery was a truly seminal moment in my life.  The creative self-awareness it served as the catalyst for serves me well in all endeavors, particularly as I continue to explore the possibilities of textile design.”unnamed (3)

Her passion in life is, ” finding inspiration and excitement in the ordinary.” which I think is a lovely way to contribute to life. Her personal definition of style is taking, the generalized and making it personalized.

“My mom!  My mother made keeping a work-life balance her mantra before it was trending! Her name is Amparo–which roughly translates to “protector”. True to form, she continues to protect me, and many others, from so much that can be corrosive in life, especially for creative types.  When internal self-doubt or the occasional external cruelties of the world begin to assert themselves in my life its not long before she steps in and offers the refreshing reassurance enabling me to continually move forward.”, was her answer when asked about the inspirational women in her life.unnamed (2)

In the end, Mariana Barran had kind words to offer for my blog. She said, “Let me just go on the record that I find this blog to be a tremendous service to woman like myself and a source of true motivation.”

I hope she inspired you ladies as much as she inspires me in life. Have a nice day, ahead.


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