Pop Stripe Skirt

Pop-Stripe Skirt- J.Crew

Always Chambray Shirt – J.Crew

‘Romy’ Pointy Toe Pump – Jimmy Choo

Harper Leather Clutch – Tory Burch

The Ja-Jo 55mm Round Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Hello Everyone! I am back with another post as the summer draws near I get more excited, I love this time of the year and I am sure you can tell by how exciting the dresses are becoming as the sun shines more. Lately, chambray shirts are turning into a basic item for the working women depending on the rest of the outfit they can totally go from picnic clothes to the lucky charm for those big meetings; this timeless item has changed its purpose and it´s giving the right results. 2016 was the year for midi skirts and now in 2017 things haven´t changed a lot for this trendy fashion piece, it has turned into a key piece for any professional wardrobe, doesn´t matter the color or texture midi skirts are always appropriate for working environments.

Ray Ban Pink Gucci Clutch

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Pop Stripe Zunera Jimmy Choo

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Obviously, as it is supposed this gorgeous skirt deserves some beautiful and killer high heels to give this piece of art the final touch. When picking shoes for work you must go for comfortable ones, so look for good brands that will ensure your style and comfort.

The most proper and popular styles for work are pumps, this great type of shoe are professional most of them comfortable and also super versatile, no matter if they go great with your office clothes they would also make a regular pair of jeans shine on any occasion.

Always Chambray Shirt J Crew

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But let´s be honest the real working women don´t stay in the office all day, we must consider the important lunch meetings and different tasks you have to complete during the day and in this case for example it´s key for you to have your outfit on point.

Jimmy Choo Pink Zunera

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Clutches have turned a trendy piece during the last seasons and it has become an essential executive fashion item, so they should be considered, also you can´t forget the perfect trendy sunglasses that match your outfit perfectly; remember there is no one more trustable than those who invest on their personal appearance.

Denim Top with Skirt

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Chambary Shirt Always J Crew

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May 5, 2017 47 comments
Makeup Bag

Hi everyone. Hope you all are having a great week. I am once again back from my travels and thought I would share what is in my makeup bag as I transition from fall to winter. As you all know I travel often and like makeup that can be easily applied and has smooth texture and highly pigmented colors.

November 17, 2016 2 comments
Latex Fringe

Top – ASOS

High Waist Skirt – ASOS (Go at least two size bigger) (50% off for $25.00 &  available in black too)

Fringe Stiletto – Steve Madden

Shades – Freyers

Bag – Nordstrom Rack (sold out) Similar here

It has been a long week! I’ve been involved in so many projects and taking up so much work lately that posting on the blog on regular basis has become impossible. But, like they say that if you love something then you will find time for it, no matter what other distractions lie in the way. Featuring outfit of the day is a high waist skirt and top by ASOS. I think this is the second post in a row featuring basics of my attire by ASOS.

October 31, 2015 2 comments
wrap skirt and crop top

Wrap Skirt – ASOS

Crop Top – ASOS

Sunglasses – Freyers

Over The Knee Boots – Similar here

Bag – Chanel- Similar here

Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day. I am for sure loving the weather and the feeling of warmth in all of this cold. Today in the outfit of the day category, I’m featuring a Wrap Skirt and Crop Top by ASOS. ASOS has been one of my most showcased outlet this season because of their awesome collection.

October 27, 2015 8 comments
grey sweater pants


Hello there! Don’t you guys adore how the season is transitioning? I absolutely love fall because the weather is warm and you can style so many outfits. Today, I’m all greyed out! The Rona turtleneck has a lovely back detail. The cashmere sweater fits the body like a glove and it gives you the feel of those warm autumn days.  The turtleneck comes in both regular and petite size. If you’re looking for something classy with a touch of chic then, this is a must have item in your wardrobe. 

October 6, 2015 1 comment
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