Things to do in JBR Dubai

January 20, 2017
One Piece Suit Beach Black Swimsuit Dubai

Hello, Everyone! As promised I am back with another post about my Dubai voyage. Dubai beach is a blue water exquisite beach & if you happen to be there on a day when the waves are bigger (as I was) there isn’t a lot that you can do on the waters (except stand in knee-deep waters and wait for the big splash to come while you’re facing the other way  & jump just when the wave hits you hahaha you should totally try it! since the waves were too high all water sport activities like Jet-Ski or going too deep in the water was cancelled.  But than JBR walk comes to the rescue, you can always stroll around the Jumeriah Beach Residence walk & there is so much you can do there, just keep reading.

At this ringing blvd, just like any other place in Dubai, there’s a lot of possibilities to please your retail yearnings with a selection of fashion, home decor, handicraft shops and boutiques. Make sure you check out Boutique 1 a multi-brand establishment a heaven that carries both global and local brands. The major highlight at JBR is the tiny outside Covent Garden Market, where you could look into stalls providing jewelry, food deals & houseware, all the while you can check out exotic performances from street entertainers. As well as do not miss out on checking out private beaches & open-air movie theater.

After a day of the shopping spree, you could order an iced’ latte at a coffee shop, such as Paul, or take a seat for a great dish at one of Dubai’s ideal dining establishments. Or simply see the hordes of beautiful happy shiny people walk by while you sit leaning onto your significant other sitting on a bench under a lamp post on the walk — Thursday and also Friday evenings are preferred for couples who like long walks & families that like to unwind.

The Dubai marina is also a place where you see hordes of people strolling after a hard day work to relax but JBR is a lot more than that. If you’re seeking trendy stores, outdoor eating or merely a leisurely boardwalk along the beachfront, visit the walk at Jumeirah Beach Residences.

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