Tips For A Successful Blog

Tips For A Successful Blog

A few months ago when I decided to start a fashion blog I started researching on tips & advices. While I found a lot of articles on basic tips, I really didn’t find a lot of detailed information on promoting a blog and much to my surprise there was nothing out there regarding fashion blogs; where a lot of the content is tied to pictures. Now that I have been going through the blogging process for three months and taught myself the ins & outs, I have decided to start adding tips for new & existing fashion bloggers on what works to establish & drive traffic towards your blog. 

I started this fashion blog on Apr 29th, 2013 and three months after starting the blog I have over 15,000 followers on various social media type platforms. In this short time I have also been featured by GAP, ANN Taylor and Anthropologie on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. I think the blog is doing extremely well for as it was only initiated three months ago, with that in mind here are a few things that have worked for me and I will continue to update this article as I learn new things/techniques and if something has worked well for you please do share it with us.  


Template: Keep it clean and simple. Use a responsive template (works well on iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices).

Find free plugins that link your blog to Facebook, Twitter, and Bloglovin. Also find a plugin for Pinterest (so other people can pin/share what they like). 

Search Engine Optimization: There are many free plugin’s that can help you with adding key words to your post and images so you can appear in Google search results. 

Sharing Platforms

Have a presence on a lot of platforms and find out how you can promote yourself for free. 


  • Create a page and update it ‘regularly’. 
  • Add an invite button so your friends & followers can invite other people to like your page.
  • Add tabs such as Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to your page.
  • Always try to reply to your comments even if it is a simple thank you.
  • Join sharing groups where you can share your page & blog posts. There are hundreds of group dedicated to sharing so each time you have a new post share it with those groups.
  • Use the new hash tag functionality of Facebook to get noticed by brands or people with common interests.


  • I saved a list of 90 popular hash tags on my phone so every time I have a new post I make a collage using Instcollage (a free app) and use the first 30 hash tags to generate some traffic (Instagram allows you a maximum of 30 hash tags at a time) then after a few hours I use the next set. This allows you to get likes and sometimes even new followers for your blog. 
  • Add People: This has worked extremely well for me. Make sure you add all the brands via the “add people” option but before you do that find out the official Instagram name of the brand. For example for the longest time I thought “hmfashion” was the official name for the H&M Instagram account, until I double checked one day and it was “HM”. This matters because I was noticed by ANN Taylor through tagging them in an Instagram picture and not only did the liked the photo but they also shared it on their official account and started following me. 

PinterestHave a Pinterest account and in the beginning share a lot of pictures I almost pinned all of my blog pictures to my Pinterest account and then see if you can become one of the ‘pinners’ on other fashion related accounts. It helps to attract other pinners to your board, in the beginning it may not generate a lot of traffic for your blog but it will help significantly with becoming a familiar face to a lot of people.

Have a “Pin It” option on all of your pictures so people are able to Pin It or share it on different boards and so on.

Twitter: I do not do a lot of tweets but I do make sure that my Instagram, Pinterest and the Blog are linked to my twitter account, so that everything is synced. 

LinkedIn: A lot of bloggers do not think of LinkedIn social media connection but it is a great platform to connect with new fashion designers, regional directors for retail stores and other bloggers.   

YouTube: Have an introduction video or share something about yourself. I only have 2-3 videos but my video about confident women resulted in a loyal fan base for my blog, fans who understood me and can relate to my message. Make a video about something that you really believe in for example why you love your blog or what it can do for other people.

Fashion Apps: It’s about getting your face or brand out to as many people as you can. There are tons of fashion apps so pick a few that you want to use. Initially I picked out a few dozen but then I quickly realized that I was not updating all of them so then I narrowed it down to a handful of apps (which was more manageable). Currently most of my followers are not on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but on a fashion app called POSE. So it is extremely important to target the right audience. On a fashion app you have people who are interested in fashion so it generates a fan base which will pay attention to your posts.   

Blog Content

Blog content is the most aspect of your blog; it is what keeps people engaged. Try to do at least two to three posts per week. I have tried doing less and more but seemed like posting everyday also drives traffic away and if you do less than two entries then people start to forget about you, so find the right number of posts for your blog. For fashion blogs you don’t always have to write a lot, if you do not have anything interesting to talk about then let the pictures do the talking.


  • Take clean shots with not too much going on in the background, so the subject clearly standout. 
  • Do not over edit your pictures. It takes away that real connection with people. 
  • Make sure you have at least one or two full pictures that shows your outfit and at least one which focuses on shoes & accessories. 
  • Link to all the brands at the bottom of the page so your readers can easily find the outfits. If it is an old outfit then try finding a similar one and indicate a link to that.

Once again find free plugins that link your blog to Facebook, Twitter, and Bloglovin. Also find a plugin for Pinterest (so other people can pin/share what they like). Search Engine Optimization: There are many free plugin’s that can help you with adding key words to your post and images so you can appear in Google search results. 

Google AnalyticsSet up Google Analytics, it is a free program that shows who is coming to your site and from where? It shows trends, reports, which posts are getting the most visits and it even shows real time visitors to your site. 

In the end don’t forget to have fun and enjoy what you are doing. Believe in yourself & your work, be passionate about it. Focus on the quality and then quantity of your content. Do not stress out to much about the blog traffic (I know it is hard to not check the site stats every five minutes but try not to) it will happen with time.

I plan on updating this page as our blog progresses and I gain more knowledge about the fashion blogging world, so please do leave comments or share ideas & provide feedback. Oh and don’t forget to check out my Fashion Blog!

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