About me

Hi, my name is Zunera Mazhar and I am based out of Washington DC.  I’m very enhusiastic about  life and to me living is all about being free, spotaniety, having fun, doing what we love, being healthy, confident, happiness and most of all sharing such joys with friends and family.

Being a mother and working woman, people always ask me how can I juggle fashion blogging with so many responsibilites? And my reply has always been the same, that if you are passionate about it then there is always time. Women in the world are capable of so much more and the strength that they exhibit is just astounding.

I am passionate about creating awareness about being self-confident and having independent thinking. So any chance I get I fiercely talk about having the ability to do whatever it is one wants to do in life as long as they are confident and believe in themselves, I consider myself a prime example of this.

Welcome once again and lets get this journey started.